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Over 25 years building the best haulers!
About us
Roy Hodges built his first Hodges hauler in the mid 60's to haul his race car to drag strips. Soon, he would build his first car hauling trailer, to pull his wife, Barbara's race car behind. Each fall when racing season was over, they would sell the hauler and trailer, and then the following spring he would build another hauler and trailer.

In 1973 when the first 4 door (Crew Cab) pick-up trucks were coming out, the Hodges had to have one to make their hauler out of, then at the end of racing season, they advertised it in a national racing magazine, and the response was overwhelming! They knew then that there were many people who needed a way to transport their cars economically, yet with style.

In 1978 someone had to have the hauler that Roy had built to haul his new drag car on, even though he had not had a chance to use it. He sold it, and built another one, and someone else bought it before racing season, so he built another one, and sold the drag car, and kept building hauler beds and trailers.

In 1982 the Hodges daughter Laura Roberts came to work for them, and helped run the business. Then in 1983 they built a new welding shop near Benton, KY and Hodges Custom Haulers, Inc. has been in the same location ever since. In the years following, they have added a new office building, warehouse, and a body shop.

In the early days of the business, Hodges Custom Haulers bought new and used trucks, and put beds on them, and sold the haulers as a complete unit, adding a trailer if the customer needed, but as years past, more customers wanted to bring their own dually trucks (or cab and chassis) and have the Hodges bed installed on their own truck.

In 2003 Laura and her husband, John Roberts bought the family business from her parents, and they run it today.

Hodges Custom Haulers also builds single car trailers, two car trailers, tow beds, western beds, haul and tow beds (for hauling travel trailers), as well as enclosed beds, and can customize a car-hauling bed or other bed to meet your specific needs.

Hodges Custom Haulers stocks a variety of options, ready to install on your truck, like, winches, hitches, wheel well moldings, stainless look trim, and more.

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