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Sample Quote
19 foot bed, 2 tool boxes, and wheel stops (includes frame lengthening for 1 ton truck) $7,695.00
2 additional tool boxes $650.00
Extended T-bar, bottom filled with 4 lights $525.00
9,000 pound Pierce winch $1100.00
Winch cover $135.00
Clipped corners $95.00
Two winch binders (top-front) $250.00
Raised sides $375.00
Wheel well moldings $140.00
Texas ramps $450.00
Hitch $145.00
Back-up lights $75.00
Four deck lights $145.00
Two additional side lights $36.00
Prep, primer, and paint (1 color) $3,150.00
One gas filler cup $45.00
Total $15,011.00
Above except 18 foot deck, 12,500 pound winch, and wheel lift $18,111.00

This is a sample quote designed to help you determine what options you might want on your Hodges bed. You may add or subtract any options you wish. If you need help determining the price of a bed, please call us at (800) 851-7229 or send us an email from our contacts page.